Web hosting Guide

DigitalStarlight.com has been in the ISP and web hosting business since may of 1995. In that time we’ve seen it all. so now cater to your extreme hosting needs. We always recommend starting small despite your billion dollar idea. Scaling up too early has killed many dreams with online ventures. So if you want to DIY follow this guide and be online today.

Write down your idea and pick a good domain name. this 1st step always lows down many startups so just ice one and get started. a new Domain name can always be acquired later to brand your Startup idea.

  1. New Domain Name registration at Digitalstarlight.com
  2. Web Hosting: you now must pick a web hosting plan to get started (Start Small) allow your self plenty of time to learn and get Familiar with your new DigitalStarlight web hosting package. Hosting Plans
  3. Now add a Splash landing page to verify your Site resolves and give yourself sometime to work. from your Control Panel you can set up your own email address and use hundreds of web videos and how to’s

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