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Internet Deregulation has removed the “S” or Service from ISP’s

If you have a Mac more then a year old and are experiencing slow downs with your internet speeds. Its not your imagination. Current Cable and Telco providers of Internet have cut cost and no longer provide the Services expected that originally were provided by ISP’s

Lax new deregulation have removed the “S” or service from ISP’s

GOP Deregulations of Cable and Telcos have finally impacted internet users who refuse to pay extra for same sped once enjoyed by all equally. If your willing to pay for extra “s” no problem but regular users will see drops when attempting to play netflix or youtube videos. Many of the malware scans that used to be performed by conventional; ISP’s have been dropped and Cable and Telco providers of IOnternet now will change Extra for the S or Service.

Perform your own Malware Scans weekly or anything you see a slow down.

Malwarebytes still provides the best Free download to run a scan of your Macs but you need to upgrade first to the latest
mac OS to use.

Gmail is down for Google users. 1/21/2018 9:50am

Google Gmail is down hard from Ventura County :No login
Apps no longer work . Luckily we recommend using 5 alternative email addresses for Disaster recovery so can still operate. Another reason all IOT is configured bad, requiring direct connection to Cloud. We use a private meshed Fognet with IPV10 and only allow DTN protocol to the Clowd all AI must work offline from our Fognet for its users Smart Homes so is not impacted.

Major Troll push has been seen

Best new HD Security Camera for 2018 for under $200

This is a must have for a modern Smart home. For under $200 this is Solar Powered and operates outside in any weather day and night with HD video.

Lynx Solar Weatherproof Outdoor WiFi Surveillance Camera with Solar Panel, Facial Recognition, Night Vision,

Use with Facial recognition to detect when Strangers come to your door.
Great Night vision and 7 days of operation without Sun.
Free 7-Day Video Cloud Storage
All captured video and audio are saved automatically and stored for up to seven days on Tend’s cloud-based servers for secure access from anywhere using the Tend Secure Mobile App. It’s free and never expires, so you can always see what’s happened for the past 7 days for added peace of mind.

How To Secure Social Media Platforms During Elections.

Hey Facebook and Twitter here’s a free Tool to help you create a IP block list by Country in your Routing network rules. / Pro tip: Block Commits and spam posts form Countries not involved in each election 


To Boot with Linux in 2017 from Windows

The preinstalled USB stick allows you to boot and load Linux without touching anything on your existing Windows PC!
Now you can take your Ubuntu installation with you anywhere, and always have your own O/S on any PC you use!
Award-winning Ubuntu Linux operating system, includes complete set of applications for desktops, laptops and servers
Comprehensive installation includes lifetime free updates and multi-language support, productivity suite, Web browser, instant messaging, image editing, multimedia and email for your everyday needs
Includes an easy-to-follow Ubuntu installation guide, complete with pictures

if your Computers Hard Drive has failed you can boot from USB On Windows:

Every Windows PC is different, but once you get into your system’s boot menu you should be able to find what you’re looking for. To boot from a CD or USB drive:

Restart your computer and wait for that first screen to pop up. Often, it’ll say something like “Press F12 to Choose Boot Device” somewhere on the screen. Press that key now.
Give it a moment to continue booting, and you should see a menu pop up with a list of choices on it. Highlight your CD or USB drive and press Enter.
Alternatively, you can set your computer to always check for a bootable CD or USB drive. That way, when you have one inserted, it’ll boot from it automatically, and when you don’t, it’ll head into your regular operating system. To set this up, follow these instructions:

Restart your computer and watch for the first screen that shows up when you boot. You should see something that says “Press DEL to enter setup,” or something similar. Press the noted key on your keyboard and wait for setup to start.
You should see a new screen pop up, called your BIOS.

Select Boot device from the menu, then

Choose USB-HDD instead and press Enter. You may need to use the Page Up and Page Down keys to move your selection to the top of a list, instead.
Exit out of your BIOS, saving your changes. Usually, this option is under “Exit” on the main menu, or available via a keyboard shortcut listed somewhere on your screen.

Your computer should reboot. Make sure your USB drive is in your computer. If you’re prompted to “Press any key to boot from USB,” do so. Your computer should boot into the USB drive instead of your normal operating system.

Monthly Security Audits

With the current World Wide Cyber War and electioneering by Russian and AI Trolls in US and EU elections, Digital Starlight has chosen to Block IP addresses from Russia and former Soviet Block countries employed in the Trolling of EU and US elections. If your Company does business with a Russian company or one of its subsidiaries and you think this will impact your business please use a Yahoo or AOl email account. Websites will no longer have Spam Comments and specific spamming domains in Russia and Moldavia have now been blocked to prevent DDOS against our various Website Customers. If you need your products seen or sold in Russia please sign up from our Affiliate links for a dedicated server. If you feel your data is subject to probing by the Anti Science Red State Coup in the US we offer Safe Storage and backup services to Canada.
Dedicated Servers

Pocket Water Quality Test

Every Property inspection is not compilee without a water Quality test. New Buyers or Renters must test water before making an intelligent decision on your Real Estate Purchase. most can be experts in less then a week and with less then $100 in gear/ A small price that will endure your not buying someone else’s mistakes. Your Families Health or your Tenants health is at risk if you sont check, Your Liability for unsafe drinking Water could cost you millions.

Jellas Pocket Size PH Meter / PH Tester / Mini Water Quality Tester for Household Drinking Water, Hydroponics, Aquariums, Swimming Pools, PH 0-14.0 Measuring Range, 0.1PH Resolution (Yellow)

Temperature Facet Light

WXLAA NEW Water Glow 7 Colors Changing LED Light Kitchen Bathroom Change Temperature Sensor #3 Sensor Tap

Flow meter
DIGITEN 1/4 Quick Connect 0.3-10L/min Water Hall Effect Flow Sensor Meter

Home Air Quality Sensors

Ready Made home Air Quality sensors for your Smart Home

Foobot, Indoor Air Quality Monitor, Works with Alexa, Nest, and IFTTT

Portable PM2.5 Detector Monitor Air Quality Detect PM 2.5 Monitor Haze Dust Tester Meter High Accuracy for Indoor Outdoor Car Measurement by IGERESS

Elgato Eve Room – Wireless Indoor Sensor with Apple HomeKit technology, Bluetooth Low Energy

Why we need FOG

From part of my new Book “Why we need FOG”

The 2016 elections have been hacked all voters tracked and our home PC’s running Russian security software make us all vulnerable to a massive bot-net attack from our own IOT Smart Home Devices. In order to secure the US elections and US Economy we must add a FOG layer of networking to our home & Corporate internet. All new IOT devices must be screened for foreign security malware and it must be removed before installing in your home or Business. All IOT smart devices communicating directly to clouds are vulnerable.
A Fog network layer is pictured above. Next we need our home Automation and Smart devices to be enabled to do Fog Computing via a local Fog Computing mesh topology. Back haul to the Cloud must be done only over a secured DTN protocol. All Home Automation and AI must happen within our own FOG networks to be trusted. Financial systems within our FOG networks must be established via Cryptocurrencies similar to Bitcoin but without Mining. Crypto settlement must be secured locally with a Fog community block chain. Fog Blockchains must settle with larger Crypto communities and have a liability to consider of their own members requirements. Total Transparency is also needed and expected to keep all honest. Home Medical devices and wearables must only write to our own secured Personal Health records and retained in the FOG network until approved by our Doctors. This data should not go to each Manufacture of wearable medical devices and be subject to thousands of different terms of service. A standard model like the VA’s Blue button will be used to collect and make portable all personal Health records. The Patient must own their own PHR and EMR so sharing with researchers is easy as a opt-in. Local communities can each set up their own and people are free to join Fog networks as they need or are referred.