Air Quality Testing equipment for Property inspections

Property Inspections are not complete without indoor Air Quality inspections.

ndoor Air Quality Detector Accurate Testing Formaldehyde(HCHO) Monitor with PM2.5/PM10/TVOC Test Data Logger Detector Air Quality Meter with Time Display for Car Outdoor Detection By IGERESS

Supco IAQ55 Handheld Indoor Air Quality Monitor, 0 to 2000 ppm, 1 ppm Resolution, +/-75 ppm Accuracy

Indoor Air Quality 9999ppm Digital Carbon Dioxide Temperature Humidity NDIR Sensor IAQ CO2 Monitor WB DP Tester

Corentium Home by Airthings, Radon Detector, USA version in pCi/L

Extech 45170 Four in One Environmental Meter (Hygro-Thermo-Anemometer-Light)